Gift Card Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are current at [09.03.2023].

These terms and conditions are important and we encourage you to read them in their entirety before you place an order for, or use, a Gift Card. We wanted you to be aware of the following specific terms in particular:

  • Changes to these terms and conditions: We may change these terms and conditions at any time in limited circumstances, including to add or remove participating retailers or where the Gift Card may be redeemed where those retailers or places cease to support the Gift Card.
  • Sharing your data: If you order a personalised eGift Card, we may share your details with our third-party suppliers for the management and fulfillment of your order. Our third-party suppliers may be able to identify you from this information.

1.0. General

2.0. Purchases with your Gift Card

3.0. No cash advances or exchanges

4.0. Faulty or damaged Gift Cards

5.0. Your responsibility

6.0. Errors and complaints

7.0. eGift Card personalisation

8.0. Privacy and your personal information

9.0. Changes to these terms and conditions

10.0. Force majeure

11.0. Severability

12.0. Governing law

13.0. Contact us